Caulfield project overview and timeline

The Caulfield Library was built in 1972 when the campus was part of Chisolm Institute. The Caulfield campus has over 16,748 staff and students in the Faculties of Business & Economics, Art, Design & Architecture, Arts, Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences and Information Technology. The Library is currently 4,440 square metres and provides seating for 750 people.

The overarching goal of the refurbishment is to better contribute to the University's excellence in research and education by transforming the only library on the University's Caulfield campus. The refurbishment will:

  • animate the centre of the campus by creating a new transparency between the interior and exterior of the building;
  • create a welcoming and inspiring entrance, relocated to form part of the transformed commons in the centre of the campus;
  • significantly increase the size of the facility;
  • improve navigation throughout the building;
  • create state-of-the art teaching spaces;
  • provide a range of individual and collaborative study areas, with an overall increase of seating of 100%, to 1,500;
  • integrate advanced technology into study and teaching areas;
  • contribute to community engagement;
  • showcase the Library's Artists' books collection;
  • add depth to the experience of using the Library through the incorporation of a substantial amount of artwork from the University's collection, with the theme of "Community by design"; and
  • provide an in-house café.


  • Completion of the refurbishment is aimed for April 2017.

Consultant team:

  • Architect – John Wardle Architects
  • Quantity Surveyor – WT Partnership
  • Engineering Building Services – Irwinconsult
  • Structural & Civil Engineers – Irwinconsult
  • Façade Engineer – Inhabit
  • Building Surveyor – BSGM Consulting Building Surveyors
  • Environmentally Sustainable Design – IrwinConsult
  • Acoustic Engineer – WSP Consultants
  • Accessibility Consultant – Access Audits Australia
  • AV Consultant – TBA