About the Library

Library Strategic Vision 2020 - 2025

“We will be regarded as a global leader among academic libraries. Our content collections, facilities, services and culture will represent best practice and collectively make a significant contribution to the University’s reputation and impact.

We will continually evaluate what we do in relation to the University’s fundamental goals of being excellent, international, enterprising and inclusive. We will be able to benchmark ourselves favourably against exemplars of innovation and excellence elsewhere in the world.

The Monash University Library of 2025, both physical and digital, will be much more accessible, and our services and resources much better integrated into the activities and workflows of students and staff. Internal Library operations will have been automated and streamlined, allowing staffing resources to be directed to the development and delivery of higher-value services for the University. The Library will provide campus and sector leadership in areas in which it has a unique expertise and interest such as open access copyright.

While we will work to ensure our users’ experiences with the Library are productive, useful, efficient and rewarding we will aspire to delight by exceeding their expectations.

In the next five years, we will build on the efforts of current and past staff who have ensured the Library is a well-resourced, well-regulated part of the University and academic library sector. To achieve our vision, we will have areas of strategic focus and we will develop programs of work for each area. We will continue to be deeply engaged with the Monash Community, working in partnership with academic and professional colleagues to achieve strong outcomes for the University”.

Bob Gerrity

University Librarian

2020 - 2025 LIBRARY STRATEGY MAP  Focus Monash Goals: Excellent, International, Enterprising, Inclusive Focus Monash Principles: Discover, Ambition, Respect, Openness, Service  WHAT WE DELIVER 01:  Our users have access to the content and collections they need when they need them.  OUR OBJECTIVES:  Ensure the relevance of our content and collections  Provide users with intuitive self serve access anytime / anywhere  Enhance discoverability and engagement with content and collections  WHAT WE DELIVER 02:  Our users have the services and facilities they need when they need them  OUR OBJECTIVES:  Enhance physical and online environments that support user needs  Sustain professional services and support for learning and teaching  Strengthen professional services and support for research  WHAT WE DELIVER 03:  Our users have the skills they need to meet their aspirations  OUR OBJECTIVES:  Embed research and learning skills development in the curriculum  Enable skills development and effective practices across the research lifecycle  Develop students' work skills  WHAT WE DELIVER 04:  The Library enhances the University's impact, outreach and engagement.  OUR OBJECTIVES:  Maximise the impact of Monash research  Facilitate open scholarly communication  Deliver enriching public programs and outreach  HOW WE WILL PREPARE OURSELVES:  Build a contemporary professional workforce  Improve effectiveness of systems and processes  Promote our value to stakeholders  Build and leverage strong partnerships
ABOUT THE LIBRARY OPERATIONS  MONASH UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES  OPERATIONS AND MANAGEMENT SERVICES:  Oversees all frontline services and spaces, communications, administration, planning and governance across all branches.  COLLECTIONS AND TECHNOLOGY:  Manages all collections, collection delivery and management platforms, and related technology across all branches management of special collections, digitisation services and programs.  ACADEMIC SERVICES:  Manages and provides services delivery to, and liaison activities with the Monash academic community and the broader University.  UNIVERSITY PUBLISHING TEAM:  A scholarly publishing service that publishes books of the highest standard across the humanities and social sciences.