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Learning and Teaching Building

A new gateway and learning hub for the Clayton campus

About the building

The Learning and Teaching Building is the product of years of research and design thinking, and harnesses the expertise of multi-award winning design studio John Wardle Architects. The process has taken in and examined each critical aspect of the learning and collaborative experience – from room size and the effects of crowd size and attribution upon student participation, down to the optimum table shape and importance of ease of access to charging facilities.

The result is a visually inspiring, world-class learning environment, designed to accommodate and enhance new styles of learning experience. The open, welcoming atmosphere of the Learning and Teaching Building invites learning engagement. The building will accommodate thousands of students each semester and will be the home of advanced learning and teaching practice across Monash.

The building has 68 formal learning spaces across four floors; these space layouts empower a range of new learning styles – including the dynamic ‘learning in the round’ space, interactive lecture spaces using cutting-edge technology that enables peer presentation and maximises participation, specialised computer and project -based learning, and round table and discursive styles specifically configured to encourage group collaboration. Many space designs can be self-configured by students for group and collaboration work.



The new Learning and Teaching Building has a variety of learning spaces that are interactive; inviting students to work collaboratively while enabling the academic to engage with each student as individuals and as a class.

  • Social learning spaces

    There are a range of casual spaces amongst the beautiful architecture and abundance of natural light.

  • Informal learning spaces

    Many spaces can be self-configured by students for group and collaborative work. Capacity ranging in size from 1-12.


Over 60 learning spaces empower a range of new learning styles – including the dynamic ‘learning in the round’ space and interactive lectures using cutting edge technology that enables peer presentation, maximises participation and student collaboration.

  • Designing active learning

    Customise and personalise learning experiences for students, with spaces that facilitate active learning.

  • Resources

    An abundance of resources are available to support teaching and learning. There is a wide variety of tools to enhance unit and content delivery.

  • Enrol in a workshop

    Choose from a wide range of CEED units and topics to support active learning and teaching. See below for drop-in session details.


Host your next event in one of the spectacular spaces available in this building.

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Open Hours and Facilities

  • The LTB will be closed from 19-23 April and again on 25 April
  • Monday - Friday: 7am - midnight
  • Saturday - Sunday: 8am to 5pm


  • 60+ active learning spaces
  • Over a dozen bookable student spaces
  • An abundance of informal study spaces



  • Many retailers are extending early and late trade hours (varying from 7am through to 9pm)

Ground Floor

  • Noodle Plus
  • Nesso Café
  • Mr Providore General Store

Level 1

  • Little Big Shot Coffee and Takeaway Café

Level 2

  • Cafelito Coffee and Snacks

Level 3

  • Little Big Shot Coffee