Alex Graf

Alex Graf Graduate Architect, Steve Hanson Design
Bachelor of Architectural Design 2010 Master of Architecture 2012

I really enjoy turning a concept into a constructible entity.

Alex Graf

My workplace consists of two businesses: a design side and a construction side. Our work is primarily focused on custom residential design and build, and I have found that the small scale of the workplace and our projects has allowed me to experience and learn from every facet of the entire design/build process. From concept design through to quoting, from contracts to hand over.

Being the sole documenter with a keen interest in details, I really enjoy turning a concept into a constructible entity, and then find it particularly rewarding watching, for example, concreters turning my lines into concrete edges. Working with clients who have had little exposure to the architectural world, or who struggle to see the potential space in 2D plans, is also both rewarding and amusing. Their disbelief at being able to see their proposed new home in 3D virtual reality, as we tour them through a digital model, is often priceless.

The Design-Build projects that Monash offered were, for me, a particularly useful tool for learning the process of transition from design to construction. This process becomes very real when applying design skills to real life projects, and I have thoroughly enjoyed honing those skills. I was privileged to be involved in two such projects; The BBQ shelter in Kinglake (2009), and the Sealight Pavilion at Docklands (2011). Both were highlights of my education.