Christie Williams

Christie Williams Illustrator, Henderson Greetings
Bachelor of Visual Communication 2011

Since I was little I’ve always loved creating cards, but I never thought I would end up professionally designing them for a living! I love developing my own ideas and concepts, illustrating them, choosing foils and embossing detail, and then seeing the finished product out in stores across Australia.

My Monash degree had a strong focus on typography which created a great foundation for my role at Henderson. The choice of font to suit the illustration on a card is crucial and can set the overall feel of a card, easily transforming it from traditional to contemporary, where needed. I first started at Henderson in a graphic design position, mostly using the type skills and general design knowledge I’d learned at Monash. I’ve been there for a few years now, and with management’s help, I’ve transformed my position into the illustration role I’ve always dreamed of – something that wouldn’t have been possible without my Bachelor of Design degree to help pave the way.