Dan McKenna

Dan McKenna Graduate Architect, Breathe Architecture, Melbourne
Bachelor of Architectural Design 2011 Master of Architecture 2013

Working within Breathe Architecture has given me the opportunity to contribute to a wide variety of projects, from humble house extensions to large-scale housing developments. We’re always questioning how what we do as architects is assisting the community. Projects such as The Nightingale Model have exposed me to more than any graduate architect could ask for.

My time at Monash was pivotal in reshaping how I looked at the built environment, and has taught me to constantly question the ongoing role an architect plays. I was exposed to life in Italy whilst studying at the Monash Prato Centre in 2011, and life in the regional town of Stawell, during our ‘design-make’ studio in 2012. I graduated from Monash with varied set of skills, but also an ability to think critically about how our cities function.