Edwina Brisbane

Edwina Brisbane Architect, Fieldwork / Assemble
Bachelor of Architectural Design 2010 Master of Architecture 2012

The architect is traditionally the lead consultant in a multi-disciplinary field.  As such, we are constantly juggling the divergent interests of a varied team toward a common goal. The challenges this presents are always engaging and means working closely with different professionals with unique specialities and passions. Time flies!

In this way architecture is a fountain of youth as you are always learning. It is inspiring to encounter practitioners in their seventies with as much zest and passion as recent graduates.

Opportunity to contribute to city and community with the knowledge you are working toward meaningful and tangible outcomes – spaces which people inhabit in one way or another. Great to spend weeks or years drawing something you will later walk through and witness people enjoy.

Melbourne has a great architecture community. I have been fortunate to begin my career doing many things, from the design and delivery of buildings (and some furniture), teaching and writing, to running events that facilitates public dialogue around architectural issues or building huts in the Arctic Circle.

The creativity taken by Monash in developing a curriculum which promotes all aspects of architecture as a design task has given me a broad notion of what it means to practice as an architect and take joy in the creative problem-solving required to tackle the diverse tasks and opportunities I encounter.  From construction technology and history to the research units and the core design subjects, Monash’s interconnected curriculum prepared me to juggle information and understand that the bits which may seem boring often hold the most potential for design thinking.

Design Build studios offered a unique experience to understand constructability and resolution of design ideas. This has been formative in my approach to practice and an asset when working with builders and clients to deliver projects. In addition these experiences, along with study abroad programs, have fostered a strong sense of community with the Monash Alumni who continue to provide peer support to one another as we progress through our careers.

Opportunity to ‘choose my own adventure’ when selecting design subjects enabled me to develop a careful design sensibility and clear understanding of where my ambitions lie. This choice and resultant clarity of direction has enabled me to make clear career decisions and seek out opportunities where I feel best placed to contribute positively the workforce and city.