Elena Bruno

Elena Bruno
Master of Design 2013

At Monash, I had access to outstanding academic support and equipment.

Elena Bruno

Elena Bruno is an Italian designer who studied in England before moving to Australia. For Elena, a Master of Design was the next step in her professional development.

“After completing my undergraduate degree, I had a clearer idea of the design field I wanted to pursue. I wanted to refine the design skills and expand my professional network in Australia.”

“I chose Monash based on its reputation. I was also impressed by the work of previous students and the selection of classes offered by the Master of Design program.”

“At Monash, I have focused on expanding my portfolio in assistive design and inclusive design. I had access to outstanding academic support and equipment, which helped.”

Elena sees design as a tool for social gains. Her final project is a painting set designed for people with disabilities. As a product, it brings together aesthetics, ergonomics and usability to provide its users with an outlet for creative expression.

“Seeing my full-scale model for my final project coming together has been very satisfying. Being able to build and handle your own products has a much stronger impact than viewing them on a computer screen.”

Elena finds inspiration from all sorts of places from design and art exhibitions, to design publications, conferences and events.

“Sometimes good ideas just come to me randomly! I keep a visual journal of inspiring materials to record interesting ideas. They may always be useful in the future!”

As Elena nears the end of her degree, she is looking to the future.

“Once I graduate, I plan to pursue a career as an industrial designer, and I hope to set up my own consultancy.”