Ella Blutman-Jaffé

Ella Blutman-Jaffé Graduate of Architecture, Harmer Architecture
Bachelor of Architectural Design 2012 Master of Architecture 2014

Facilitating with the preparation of documentation from the initial conceptual phase of a project through to construction is the most rewarding aspect of my work. Standing alongside a client in front of a completed project is incredibly satisfying. When you've spent countless hours obsessing over the minutest of intricate detailing, touching the end product makes it all worth it.

To be a part of an industry constantly reimagining and reshaping the urban fabric is immensely motivating.

My Monash degree gave me the tools necessary and confidence to approach my daily tasks at our firm. With the guidance of extremely motivating and forward thinking tutors, I produced designs that I can proudly reflect on. The intimate nature of small tutorial groups enabled stimulating design reviews between tutor and students, giving us the confidence to bounce ideas off one another.

The ability to critically analyse designs as a group at university is crucial to interacting with your team on projects in the workplace. The final graduating exhibition acted as a platform to kick-start my architectural career.