Georgie Marks

Georgie Marks Interior Designer / Interior Architect, Pleysier Perkins Architects & George Marks Design
Bachelor of Interior Architecture (honours) 2012

In my job, no two days are ever the same. It’s a blurry line between Interior Design and Architecture and in the course of day I often obtain information from many different people – project architects, engineers, external consultants, and ultimately the client – in order to help create a built product that aids and influences the way people live, shop, dine, interact and fundamentally feel.

My passion for interior architecture started in year 9. I got to meet Monash’s Head of Interior Architecture and was blown away with his enthusiasm for the subject. I did some research and decided it was for me too. Since graduation, my greatest achievement has been starting my own business, George Marks Design, where I’ve been lucky enough to take clients with varied design needs – everything from building design, residential work, and renovation direction, to styling and graphics. In fact, one of my recent projects was selected to feature in both Sunday Life Magazine and Inside Out. I love being an Interior Designer / Interior Architect – as much as it’s a job, being creative is a way of life too.