Grace Slonim

Grace Slonim Funder Relationships Manager, Wendy Brooks Consulting
Bachelor of Visual Arts 2012 Bachelor of Visual Arts (honours) 2013

Since graduating from Monash, I have continued my studies with a Masters of Art Curatorship. I investigated the state of funding to the arts in Australia with a focus on philanthropy and new models of funding that include both social and financial returns. I am inspired by the willingness of individuals to support the innovation of art and love the opportunity to learn more about the personal stories that drive this passion. Through this work I am able to bridge my love for the arts with those who wish to support it and can help people to make significant and lasting change.

Studying at Monash provided me with a unique and deep insight into the world of art making, history and theory. Through this immersion, I was able to learn about the varied processes of art making as well as the social contexts and history that sway our interaction with this important communicative tool. With access to great and inspiring teachers, I was incredibly supported in finding my own artistic voice and taught how to appreciate the world around me from an artistic and creative perspective. Monash provided me with a strong foundation of knowledge and passion that has helped form my personal journey and professional career.