Kirby Rees

Kirby Rees Project Architect, BVN
Bachelor of Architectural Design 2011 Master of Architecture 2013

Immediately after graduating I moved to Sydney and began work at architectural firm BVN. A day in my life as a Project Architect is pretty hectic. There’s a lot of prioritising and juggling tasks and helping the team on site (builders... mechanical engineers... electricians... you name it!) better understand the design and how to bring it to life. It can be quite stressful when the timeline is tight, but when you see something completed that you worked really hard to resolve, there’s nothing like it!

My Monash degree encompassed the best of design and creative. At the same time, I was challenged to think pragmatically and to rationalise solutions. The broad choice of studio typology and a selection of great international tutors really helped. The Design/Build studios I participated in really gave me an edge when applying for work.