Kristen Halkett

Kristen Halkett Artist and Designer, Self-employed
Bachelor of Visual Arts 2009

I like that I have such varied days - I go from photography and design jobs, to teaching workshops and creating bespoke jewellery and tableware. There's a lot to juggle (particularly if I have an exhibition or market coming up) but I enjoy it!

The Visual Arts degree at Monash helped me to grow, learn and think as an artist. It also reinforced how I like to work with many different mediums! Going to Prato was by far the highlight of my degree. We were lucky to have incredible lecturers traveling with our group, and got the opportunity to visit the Venice Biennale. The experience really motivated me to begin exhibiting work and pursuing a career within the arts. Since graduating, I have found my network of friends and fellow creatives from Monash to be a very supportive and inspiring community.