Lachlan Petras

Lachlan Petras Technician / Fabricator, ACMI, MUMA / Artist’s Assistant to several Melbourne-based Artists
Bachelor of Fine Art (honours) 2012

My degree in Fine Art (Honours) helped kick-start my career as an artist.

The skills I learned enabled me to enter the industry, while the relationships I built with teachers, fellow students, and staff provided me with a variety of opportunities to work.

I created the installation about Serbian/Australian footballer Bobby Despotovski, collaborating with his former club in Belgrade, Serbia. A key player in the Australian National Soccer League during the time of the Yugoslavian civil wars, Despotovski was central to the collapse of the soccer league in Australia while Yugoslavia was simultaneously dividing. Gala Day tracks the secessionist outcomes of both events and speculates about the Australian media’s involvement in the outcome.