Nick Carnie

Nick Carnie Industrial Designer & Product Manager, Volgren Australia
Bachelor of Industrial Design (honours) 2011

I work at Volgren Australia, a company in Dandenong that designs and manufactures bus bodies for use in Australia and around the world. In my job as an Industrial Designer & Product Manager, I work with customers to design custom-configured bus products and with manufacturing to ensure they’re built to specification. Recently, I've been working with a number of clients from Japan, who require a much higher level of specification than local customers. From a design perspective, this has presented a unique set of challenges and rewards, but it’s a welcome challenge – I think my capabilities as both a manager and a product designer have grown as a result of the work.

My success in a professional design / engineering office is, in part, because of the skills and core competencies I learned at Monash. The projects I worked on as a student helped me gain experience in creating bespoke solutions to suit specific needs, and the models and prototypes I made taught me to ensure each design concept serves its function. Ultimately, Monash helped me to become an employable, capable and dedicated designer with vast career opportunities.