Sanderson 'Sandy' Bell

Sanderson 'Sandy' Bell Graduate Architect, Piccolo Architecture
Bachelor of Architectural Design 2012 Master of Architecture 2015

My job as a Graduate Architect lets me apply the knowledge I gained via theoretical studies to the design challenges I work on every day. I get great pleasure from collaborating with colleagues and clients to generate exciting design solutions and these day-to-day encounters create opportunities for me to continue to learn on a daily basis.

The Architecture program at Monash exposed me to a huge variety of Architectural design and I graduated understanding the impact and importance of architecture within society at all scales. I feel I benefited enormously from the course being situated in a faculty that also teaches art and design. It allowed me to explore areas such as sculpture and furniture making – explorations I was able to apply to my architectural learnings. Monash prepared me for the large variety of experiences I’ve experienced working in a small design practice.