Shaun Ansari

Shaun Ansari Motion Graphics Designer / Colourist, Freelance
Bachelor of Multimedia and Digital Arts 2013

Being a freelance multimedia and digital artist enables me to work with brilliant creatives from all areas of design. I learn new things on every project and nothing stays the same, each job brings a new challenge. I need to be extremely dynamic with my skill set, and use my knowledge of multimedia to its best effect. I really do enjoy this element. Being able to bring a concept to life on screen or on an interface is definitely something I love about my job. Seeing something go from concept through production and onto its first trial run is a very rewarding, but also demanding, process.

My degree at MADA and its design curriculum really prepared me to be ready to learn and adapt to any challenge, be it on post production (VFX) or even when designing for web (UI). We were taught right from year one to branch out and expose ourselves to other realms of design. My typography courses have been vital when working with motion graphic design as has being fluent with applications like Cinema4D. Monash really helped develop my problem solving mindset through its encouragement to be a dynamic multimedia designer.