Stacey Epstein

Stacey Epstein Graduate Architect, Architectus, Melbourne
Bachelor of Architectural Design 2012 Master of Architecture 2014

Since graduating, I’ve worked on a number of civic projects including schools, a university, and a hospital, that directly impact and positively contribute to the community. With my employer, Architectus, I am currently working on a large extension to Werribee Mercy Hospital. The building is transitioning from a modest community hospital into a much larger structure – it’s a good example of the responsibility we hold as architects to make sure our designs respect the existing conditions of a place while we provide innovative solutions to new requirements.

The creativity, strong design skills, and technical capabilities I developed while studying my degrees at Monash helped me to get a job with a fantastic employer. I have particularly fond memories of the semester I spent at the Monash Prato campus in Italy. Visiting Venice’s Architecture Biennale fuelled my passion for architecture and I hope to go back to the next Biennale in 2018!