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Professor Mathew Aitchison Professor Mathew Aitchison Graduate research supervisor
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Professor Mathew Aitchison is director of Monash University’s Future Building Initiative, a living research lab jointly hosted by Monash Art Design & Architecture and the Faculty of Engineering. He previously directed the Innovation in Applied Design Lab at Sydney University and before that he was Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Queensland’s School of Architecture. He undertakes research at the intersection of architecture and engineering, in particular investigating models for prefabricated and modular construction and advancing manufacturing processes.

Mathew has published widely across a range of subjects. Book publications include: Visual Planning and the Picturesque (Getty, 2010), the first publication of Nikolaus Pevsner’s treatise on urban design and architecture; and, more recently, The Architecture Of Industry: Changing Paradigms In Industrial Building And Planning, (Ashgate, 2014), of which Mathew is editor and contributing author.

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