Dr Vincent Moug

Dr Vincent Moug Dr Vincent Moug
Monash University Department of Design

Vince undertakes applied design research within Monash’s Mobility Design Lab and currently leads a social impact project around accessibility in public transport systems, specifically centred on Australian railway networks. A post doc opportunity aligned with his PhD project here at Monash, it brings together Vince’s foremost interest in designing socially responsible and human-centred design outcomes. He has developed expertise in addressing complex challenges through lateral thinking; delivering innovative approaches in response to legislation such as the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport (DSAPT 2002).

Having honed his industrial design skills through professional practice, leading the design of distinctive products in the domestic veterinary field; Vince has complemented this with experience in the field of intellectual property. He readily embraces a tangible approach to design and problem solving and the importance of making; valuing prototyping as a critical feedback loop in supporting co-design activities and as a proving ground for design activities especially those involving human factors.