Dr Pamela Salen


Pamela is a researcher in the XYX Space Gender Communication Lab, Lecturer and Unit Coordinator in Master of Collaborative Design.

Pamela’s practice-led research is significantly informed by the construction of experience utilising narrative and visual storytelling that addresses memory of space and place, gender equity and the use of language and symbols.

She applies embodied creative processes, sense-making in design and visual literacy to synthesise connections and construct new ways of seeing in an effort to purposively influence perceptions and behaviour.

She has developed a process of working with photograms, photographs, paper cutting and extraction that explores questions regarding representation of memory and the nuanced boundaries between privacy and disclosure.

Her practice as a Communication Designer contributes to her collaborative approach to teaching in that her research and creative outcomes ask others to participate either actively through workshops, surveys and co-creation or through self-reflection by presenting scenarios that elicit personal experiences.