Professor Denise Ferreira da Silva

Professor Denise Ferreira da Silva Professor Denise Ferreira da Silva Adjunct Professor
Monash University Department of Fine Art Monash University Research Portal

Dr Denise Ferreira da Silva’s academic writings and artistic practice address the ethical questions of the global present and target the metaphysical and onto-epistemological dimensions of modern thought.

Her research areas include Critical Racial and Ethnic Studies, Feminist Theory, Critical Legal Theory, Political Theory, Moral Philosophy, Postcolonial Studies, and Latin American & Caribbean Studies. Ferreira da Silva is regularly invited to participate in international events and to contribute to publications in academic and artistic settings.

Her recent academic publications include the book Toward a Global Idea of Race (University of Minnesota Press, 2007), the edited volume Race, Empire, and The Crisis of the Subprime (with Paula Chakravartty, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2013), and the articles “Nobodies: Law, Raciality, and Violence” (Griffith Law Review, 2009), “To be Announced: Radical Praxis or Knowing (at) the Limits of Justice” (Social Text, 2013), “Toward a Black Feminist Poethics: The Quest(ion) of Blackness Towards the End of the World” (The Black Scholar, 2014), and “The Racial Limits of Social Justice: The Ruse of Equality of Opportunity and the Global Affirmative Action Mandate (Critical Ethnic Studies, 2016).

She is the principal editor for the Routledge/Cavendish book series Law, Race, and the Postcolonial (with Mark Harris and Brenna Bhandar). Her art-related work include texts for publications linked to the 2016 Liverpool and Sao Paulo Biennales, advising Natasha Ginwala, the curator for the Contour 8 Biennale (Mechelen, 2017), as well as events (performances, talks, and private sessions) and texts that part of her own practice, Poethical Readings(in collaboration with Valentina Desideri).