Ella Whateley

Ella Whateley Ella Whateley
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As a two dimensional artist my practice explores the potential for contemporary abstract painting to offer the viewer new imaginary spaces in which to experience a sense of the mystical.

In 2016 I completed a practice-led PhD, The Metaphysics of Space: Painting a Body of Light, in the Painting Workshop at the Australian National University School of Art, Canberra; I use abstraction as both a visual language and as a reductive, investigative process in my work.

I aim to generate slow ambiguous compositions that draw on historic paintings' spatial traditions, referencing such approaches as found in the early Renaissance paintings of Fra Angelico & the Modernist work of Agnes Martin. Through immersion in the imagined spaces generated by vibrating colours, interactive mediums and the works' shifting figure/ground relations, I hope to engage the viewer's sense of navigating the body in space. And through the use of palettes informed by metaphors such as light, my work seeks to ask existential questions, supplying cues to prompt without supplying any neat answers.

Photograph by Col Bennett