Dr Ivana Kuzmanovska

Dr Ivana Kuzmanovska Dr Ivana Kuzmanovska
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Ivana is a postdoctoral research fellow with the Future Building Initiative at Monash University.

Ivana is interested in the ways that design and production can inform one another. Throughout her career, this interest has guided her research, practice and teaching. Ivana has been involved in a number of collaborative architectural pavilion and art installation projects, from design right through to installation. These projects have provided deep insights to the complexities and challenges of making (often using digital fabrication techniques), and have only served to strengthen her curiosity around how to better respond through design.

Ivana's recently completed doctoral thesis gathers inspiration from manufacturing-derived design methods to propose a framework which prompts building designers to consider and respond to the web of downstream production parameters. Ivana approaches these traditionally technical research themes with a design-focused lens characteristic of her architectural training and background.

Ivana is currently leading three research projects funded by the Building 4.0 CRC, alongside a number of industry partners committed to seeing change in the way we design and construct buildings in the future.