Dr Jason Crow

Dr Jason Crow Dr Jason Crow Senior Lecturer Graduate research supervisor
+61 3 990 32044 Monash University Department of Architecture Monash University Research Portal

Jason is a senior lecturer at Monash University and a licensed architect in the state of Pennsylvania. His research explores how technological changes impact material ontology and artisanal epistemology.

He was a research fellow at the Canadian Centre for Architecture and an Arthur C. Tagge fellow at McGill University, where he completed his PhD dissertation examining the influence of material culture on the origins of Gothic architecture. He is the author of “Approaching a Material History of Architecture,” in Performative Materials in Architecture and Design (2013), edited by Rashida Ng and Sneha Patel; and of “Fear and Bernard of Clairvaux’s Living Stones” in Room One Thousand, the University of California at Berkeley’s interdisciplinary journal on architectural history.