Dr María Fullaondo

María Fullaondo is an architect and PhD in architecture. Since her student years, she understands architecture as a cultural discipline, as a process of thinking and creation, and as an interdisciplinary and integrated design activity that involves many fields of knowledge.

During nearly 20 years of practice in her own office (Estudio Fullaondo /In Fact Arquitectura), she has designed and developed all kind of projects, from urban design to furniture construction. This experience is always present in her academic activity, where she teaches similar approaches and methods to those she experiments with in her practice.

Her major fields of research are design, visual communication and the intersections between architecture, design and art. Lately, her main research line deals with teaching methodologies that are directly related to the processes of design, drawing and creation in order to bring some transparency to design processes. She is author of several books on this matter. She has combined her activity as a practitioner with the production of graphic art, graphic design, book edition, and data visualisation and her work has been exhibited in several countries.

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