Markus Jung

Markus Jung is a practising architect, critic and researcher in Urban Design and Housing.

After graduating at the KIT in Germany, he worked for leading practices in the UK and Switzerland on projects of transportation, mixed-use redevelopments and urban design.

In 2005 he founded the Architecture and Urban Design practice XPACE. Their works stress diversity, social and environmental responsiveness and has been widely published internationally. In parallel to practising, he has taught at the ETH and the ZHDK in Zurich.

Markus’ practise-rooted research explores processes of urban transformation, dynamic programmes, potentials for intensification and the implementation of urban strategies incorporating natural resources and human capital as drivers for resilient growth.

His housing research investigates high-density types, as an important sustainable model for addressing needs of an expanding and diversified future population.

Urban Design Research

Building Mixity! Cremorne 2025/37.83°S/144.993°E
co-authored book by M. Cassaignau, M.Jung with M.Xue
urban strategies for site responsive and inclusive urban densification

Kunshan Studio
water city design, water and food security, knowledge production

The Melbourne Section
territorial research, resources networks and human capital

Cremorne 2025
industrial suburb transformation, bottom up + top down tactics, heritage

Geneva 2020
city intensification, infrastructures, new typologies and dynamic programs

Current research projects

At Monash Art, Design and Architecture, we focus on the pursuit of research that addresses the social, economic and human issues facing Australia.

Past research projects

Additional research