Associate Professor Maryam Gusheh

Associate Professor Maryam Gusheh Associate Professor Maryam Gusheh Deputy Head Of Department Graduate research supervisor
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Maryam Gusheh is Associate Professor in architecture at Monash University. Her work examines the relationship between architectural practice and the social and political contexts in which the built fabric is designed, constructed and received. Her interests include culture and identity in architecture, cross-cultural practices and inclusive architecture. Maryam often works at the intersection of academia and industry and is skilled at conceptualising and realising collborations that span these worlds. She works with multiple primary research materials – historical archives, interviews, drawings and the buildings themselves and combines these with practice-led and translational applications. Maryam leads the ‘Better Life at Home’ research stream, at the Monash Urban Lab, focused on holistic approaches to the adaptable and accessible domestic environments. She is a Practice Critic at Neeson Murcutt + Nielle Architects. Prior to joining Monash University in 2018, Maryam was the Director of Architecture Department at the University of New South Wales, Sydney.

Maryam has published and exhibited her research at national and international forums. Her current ARC funded collaborative research projects include 'Architectural Work Cultures: Professional Identity, Education and Wellbeing' and 'The Australian Mosque Today: Architectural Collaborations'.

Maryam has an extensive teaching record in architectural design, technology and history and theory. She is a versatile and enthusiastic postgraduate supervisor and welcomes research candidates from diverse backgrounds, encompassing traditional research and architectural practice.