Associate Professor Maryam Gusheh

Associate Professor Maryam Gusheh Associate Professor Maryam Gusheh Deputy Head Of Department Graduate research supervisor
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Dr Maryam Gusheh is a researcher and design educator with specialisation in twentieth-century architectural culture, extending to the contemporary period. She has a particular interest in bridging academia and industry and is skilled at conceptualising and realising projects that span these worlds. Prior to Joining Monash in 2018, Maryam was the Director of Architecture Department at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. She is a practice critic at Neeson Murcutt Architects.

As a researcher Maryam aims to ascertain ways in which global architectural trends are developed in local contexts and are, in the process, uniquely transformed. Her focus is on the innovative translations of modern and contemporary architectural ideas as they move between the dominant centres of modernist thought in Europe/America, and the marginal, yet robust, sites of modernist practice such as Australia, Iran and Bangladesh. Her motivation is twofold: to scrutinise the ethical implications of cross-cultural relationships and, at the same time, to highlight the creative potential of such exchange.

Maryam works with multiple primary research materials – historical archives, interviews, drawings and the buildings themselves and employ interdisciplinary methods to interrogate the relationship between the design process and the social and political contexts in which the built fabric is constructed and gains meaning.

Maryam has an extensive teaching record in architectural design and history and theory. She is a versatile and enthusiastic postgraduate supervisor on topics concerned with the relationship between architecture, politics and identity. She welcomes research candidates from diverse backgrounds, encompassing traditional research and architectural practice, and is committed to an enjoyable and enriching graduate experience with ongoing satisfaction and vitality.

Maryam lives with her partner and daughter in a small but spirited inner urban flat. Her expressive eyebrows and unruly hair have been known to inadvertently reveal her inner feelings - so much so that her friend Brett designed her as a bespoke emoji!