Dr Rachel Couper

Dr Rachel Couper is a Lecturer with the Future Building Initiative at Monash University. Rachel is also the Project Manager of the Building 4.0 CRC Lighthouse Projects, as well as the Building 4.0 CRC Prototyping and Fabrication Technologies Theme Co-ordinator.

Rachel holds a PhD from the University of Sydney and her current research focuses on bridging the intersection between industry and research, particularly in relation to the processes of mass timber construction, industrialised building, and offsite construction. Rachel recently oversaw the successful completion of the Innovation in the Advanced Manufacture of Multi Storey Housing CRC-Project at Monash University. This experience led to her current role as Project Manager of the Building 4.0 CRC Lighthouse Projects. True to their namesake, Lighthouse Projects function as beacons looking towards the future direction of industry. With well-defined objectives and measurable outcomes, these projects address real-world problems, transforming outmoded practices and approaches. Through the engagement with the Building 4.0 CRC Lighthouse Projects, Rachel’s research aims to develop and manufacture innovative, practical solutions and physical prototypes for the construction industry, maximising the opportunity to conduct targeted, industry-led research and development.

Trained in both art and architecture, Rachel specialises in applied design research and the management, construction and teaching of design/build projects and prototyping projects. This area of interest also informs Rachel’s design practice, through the design development and construction of temporary pavilions and art installations.