Laresa Kosloff

2015 Visual Resident Artist- Laresa Kosloff : end of residency exhibition 

Dr Laresa Kosloff is a Melbourne based artist whose work incorporates performative videos, Super8 film, sculptural installations and real time performances. Her practice examines various representational strategies, each one linked by an interest in the body and its agency within the everyday. She explores how movement and gesture translate into significance in various public and studio contexts. Her work draws upon a range of references from slapstick comedy to high-end art. 

On top of being a recipient of several awards including an Australia Council New Work Mid-Career grant in 2013 and the Jane Scally Art Award in 2011, Dr Laresa Kosloff has held several solo exhibitions including CAST at Monash University Museum of Art (2013), The Russian Project, Margaret Lawrence Gallery (2012), Office skate, ACCA public projection, Melbourne City Square (2011) and Sensible World, Artspace, Sydney (2009). Recent curated exhibitions include Auf den Punkt, Raum 2810 Gallery, Bonn, Germany (2014), Art as a Verb, Monash University Museum of Art (2014), Anne Landa Award for Video & New Media Art, AGNSW (2013), Made Active: The Chartwell Show, Auckland Art Gallery, NZ (2012), ACCA Pop-Up Project: Venice, Vernissage Event Venice Biennale (2011), and Last Ride in a Hot Air Balloon, The 4th Auckland Triennial (2010). She lectures in the Master of Fine Art Program at RMIT University in Melbourne.

Lets do something, Laresa Kosloff’s end of residency exhibition in Prato 

During her residency in Prato, Laresa Kosloff immersed herself in the local artistic community combining her research and study with an active participation in the Centre’s activities, such as the Monash Prato Centre Open Day. She engaged with the local community and gave lectures to students enrolled in the Monash Fine Arts program.

At the end of the three-month residency at the Monash Prato Centre, Kosloff presented the results of her research in November in Lets do something, an interactive exhibition composed of three artworks, video and audio. 

Interested in psychology and interpersonal and social relationships within a community, Kosloff’s work focused on the inner tension and drama that we create as individuals, as well as gestures of possibility and play.

Influenced by what she experienced in Prato, such as medieval processions and the social quality of public space, her works focused on individual agency and expression but also on how people grapple with interpersonal psychology. She believes we love to watch people perform because it reminds us of our own efforts in life.

In Lets do something in Italian we see a young girl interrupting the flow of daily life with her confident drumming and a propositional banner Laresa Kosloff involved locals in her projects, of different ages, and specifically untrained because – she said – untrained performers bring a special quality to the work and often surprising results.

The many participants who joined this project were asked to do simple things. For example, in the first work they were asked to say “I can’t do anything/non posso fare niente” in front of a video camera with different intonations, intention, tone, and speed, while in Scenarios people on the street were asked to react to a series of audio prompts, and these reactions were collected to create a pure noise soundtrack of the city.

Working with locals - said Kosloff - was a great experience for me and the participants were generous and thoughtful in their contributions. I have very fond memories of making this work in Prato.

Laresa Kosloff will show Lets do something in the collective exhibition Mind Craft at the Maroondah Gallery and  at the Design Hub Gallery.