Course transfer

Transferring courses within Monash University is a competitive process. If you are interested in transferring you must follow the University’s internal transfer process and apply by the due date.

When you apply for a course transfer you must continue with the requirements of your current degree until a full offer of transfer is made – this includes re-enrolling in units for your current degree when required.

Transfer availability

End of year transfers are available for all MADA degrees.

Mid-year transfers are granted on a case-by-case basis. We request that you attend a course advice appointment to discuss your eligibility.

Entrance requirements

In addition to the minimum entrance requirements outlined on the University’s internal transfer process page, you must also meet the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture criteria below to be eligible to transfer:

  • Completion of at least 24 points in a Monash University course
  • A minimum academic average of 60% (credit) - a higher performance level may be required to be successful for transfer depending on the course.
  • Applicants will be required to meet all minimum pre-requisites for entry in to courses, such as:
    • additional faculty requirements (e.g. Maths requirement for specific double degrees)
    • Bachelor of Fine Art: applicants will also need to pass an interview requirement, at which stage they will present a folio of 10-15 examples of their artwork.

Application outcome

You will receive the outcome of your course transfer application via your student email account after the current semester results are officially released.

Course progression

Depending on the units you have completed at the point of the course transfer, your choice of units may become restricted. This may add a semester or more to the length of your degree. If your application for course transfer is successful, the letter of offer will outline the new length of your enrolment.