Overload / underload

To review the number of credit points you should enrol in to maintain full-time or part-time study, as well as details on underloading, overloading and attendance mode, visit Study Load and Attendance.


MADA students need to meet certain academic requirements in order to overload. If you wish to overload your enrolment, please discuss your intentions with MADA Student Services and complete the Request to Overload Semester Enrolment form (PDF, 122 KB).


You must get permission from your Course Co-ordinator if you wish to underload your enrolment.

International students

You should be aware that an enrolment in less than 24 credit points per semester can have implications for your student visa. Contact Anita Blom, Manager of Inclusion for MADA, to discuss the reasons for underloading your enrolment before completing the Underload application form: International students.