Digital fabrication workshop

Risk: Medium/High/Very High
Location: Building G Level 1:  Rooms G117/118/125
Hours: Monday - Friday, 9am-midnight, (weekends as advised)

The MADA Digital Fabrication (D-Fab) Workshop is a state of the art prototyping facility and is available to all students and staff of MADA. You can learn about equipment, complete training modules and assessments, book into training demonstrations, view instruction guides and obtain access to the D-Fab Workshop via this site.

If you know the process or equipment you would like to access for your project or want to know more about the process and equipment available then head straight to the appropriate heading below for more information.


To access the Digital Fabrication (D-Fab) Workshop, you are required to complete the D-Fab general access quiz. This quiz covers occupational health & safety and general workshop rules. You will need to refer to the PDF’s entitled ‘Section 1: Getting Access’ and ‘Section 2: General Workshop Rules’ to complete this quiz. Once you have completed this quiz with a score of 100% you will be granted swipe access to the workshop.

Access PDF’s

Section 1: Getting Access

Section 2: General Workshop Rules

General access quiz

Ensure you log into and click the email tile prior to attempting to access the quiz

You should automatically have access to the form through your Monash email address, however if you have multiple google accounts, there can sometimes be issues.
You may need to clear your cache and cookies or alternatively open an incognito window (chrome) and close all other open chrome windows.

Please note within the workshop independently operated machines require additional training and can not be accessed by completing the general access quiz. You can find detailed information regarding this in the PDF entitled ‘Getting Access

If after looking through the information above you are unsure of the best way to proceed with your project and would like advice as to the best processes or equipment to use, follow the link below to book a consultation.

Digital Fabrication Consultation form

Or alternatively, look through the Digital Fabrication Workshop FAQ's.