Using a combination of heat and pressure, a sheet of plastic is gently heated before a strong vacuum forces the plastic against a single surface solid pattern. The vac former allows plastic forms to be easily created, capturing fine details and generating objects of uniform material thickness

The Formech 450DT is DFab's small scale vacuum former. With a form area of 430 x 280mm and a reducing window for smaller patterns, the 450DT is perfect for a range of forming jobs. .



Building G 1.17 - 1.18

Training Required 
General Access
Vacforming Training

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Self Operated

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The Vacformer must be booked whenever the machine is in operation. All bookings for Self Operated Equipment must be made using DFab's booing system Skedda

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HIPS, High Impact Polystyrene

DimensionThicknessColour $ / Sheet
270 x 270 mm 0.75 mm White $2
470 x 320 mm 1.5 mm White $6
470 x 320 mm 2.0 mm White $8
470 x 320 mm 1.5 mm Various Colours $9
850 x 550 mm 1.5 mm White / Black

Pay Here

PETG, Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol

DimensionThicknessColour $ / Sheet
270 x 270 mm 0.75 mm Clear $3
470 x 320 mm 1.5 mm Clear $8

Pay Here

Forming area

430 x 280 mm

Sheet Size

450 x 300 mm

Max depth of draw

160 mm

Max Material Thickness

6 mm

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