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Welcome to Monash Art, Design & Architecture

Get the top 5 tips to get started on your journey with us.

Orientation is your opportunity to get to know us. It’s a time for you to explore our spaces, meet new people, and prepare for your study journey.

There are so many programs and activities happening online, clubs you can choose to take part in, and academic and learning workshops to help you settle into Monash life.

Remember to get your essentials sorted!

There are plenty of social activities organised as well, so get involved and have fun!

2023 Orientation

Congratulations and welcome to Monash Art, Design and Architecture!

Find out more about Monash Orientation and check out all the O-Week and Orientation events on the Monash planner. There, you will be able to register for events in the O-Planner.

Monash Orientation


What will my study load look like?

We recommend you allow 2 hours per credit point per week of scheduled study time. This includes reading time and participation in classes (lectures, tutorials, studios, discussion groups), and research and preparation for assignments. Try to balance this out across the semester, as some tasks will be weighted more heavily at different times during the semester.

For a 6 credit point unit this would equate to 12 hours of study per week,144 hours in total for the semester (there are 12 teaching weeks each semester). Typically, this would comprise a mixture of scheduled learning activities (contact hours, either face to face and/or online) plus self-directed study.

We recommend keeping any paid work to a maximum of 15 hours per week.

What materials will I need?

Students studying Design and Architecture should receive details from teaching staff about suitable computer options. Many classes rely on the use of Adobe Creative Cloud, which is discounted for students if purchased via the Monash Shop.

Students studying Fine Art please be prepared to budget between $50 to $100 for your initial art supplies. You will be notified of material and levy requirements by staff on a project-by-project basis. Cost for each studio-based unit you enrol in will approximate $80 per semester. The Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture has an arrangement with a supplier to offer you these supplies at a discounted rate. Further information will be provided during Orientation week.

What mandatory modules/units should I complete?

Monash requires all new students to complete three compulsory modules: Academic Integrity, Indigenous Australian Voices and Respect at Monash.

Furthermore, all new Art, Design and Architecture students must complete the compulsory unit: OHS1000.

Note: You will only gain access to these modules/units once you are officially enrolled.

Settle in

Each course will have a different approach, but teaching staff will be able to provide you with all the information you need to successfully complete your course requirements.

Study skills

Having the right skills and strategies for study, assignments, exams and research is crucial to your success at university. Take a look at the wide range of resources available to you via Learn HQ and the Library! If you will need ongoing support or some flexibility, visit Disability Support ServicesSpecial Consideration and Monash Counselling for more information.

Accessing facilities

We have a wide range of technical facilities and spaces including a number of different bookable workshops and digital labs, and a team of technicians on hand to assist you. You can find out more about our spaces and making a booking here.

Monash Moodle

Moodle is the common learning platform for Monash students and your essential go-to point for:

  • course content
  • reading lists
  • assessment and study requirements
  • assignment uploads
  • discussion forums
  • contact information for your tutors and lecturers.

Moodle can be accessed via using your Monash account.

Discover how to explore Moodle and prepare for your studies.

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Peer Mentoring

We want you to have the best start to university life! First-year undergraduate students will connect with our peer mentoring program so student leaders can guide you through your first semester.

Welcome to Caulfield + Clubs and Societies

Join MONSU and find out about student events; our clubs and societies are your opportunity to get more out of your uni experience. Form lasting friendships and networks, develop your professional skills and go deeper on the topics you're passionate about. There's something for everyone, and we want you to get involved!

Also check out the Monash Campus Life webpage to find out more.


Our very own student society! MADASS brings together the students of Art, Design and Architecture through social, academic and networking events. Become a member - MADASS (also via Facebook and Instagram).


You'll find the faculty at the heart of a vibrant, creative precinct on Caulfield campus – contributing to a dynamic atmosphere of dialogue and exchange, with exhibitions across three art galleries. Get involved with the student-run Intermission Gallery (via Facebook and Instagram).

SONA - for Architecture students

SONA (Student Organised Network for Architecture) is the national student-membership body of the Australian Institute of Architects. Student members have access to a huge range of support networks and forums, information, resources, events, prizes and competitions. Find out more here.

Non-Residential Colleges

The NRC program will provide you with the opportunity to enhance your student experience while studying in Art, Design and Architecture with on-campus college games, sporting events, BBQs and movie nights, as well as connecting online through virtual platforms.

Monash Graduate Association (MGA)

MGA is the representative body for all Monash graduate research and coursework students. Connect with this student-body to meet other postgraduate students at some of the trips, seminars and activities organised for this cohort.

English Connect - for international students

Join English Connect, an interactive program designed for international students to improve their conversational English. English Connect is open for both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Each module focuses on building confidence in English as well as developing linguistic and socio-cultural skills in an Australian context.

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Course and general enquiries

Do you have a question about your course or something general?

For all general enquiries, Monash Connect is your one-stop-shop. The team is best placed to answer your enquiry or direct you to the appropriate area.

  • Submit an enquiry via Monash Connect
  • Give them a call on +61 3 9902 6011.

Timetable - Allocate+

The Monash timetable system is called Allocate+ and this is where you enter your preferences for classes and find your finalised timetable.

How to use Allocate+

Fix your timetable problems


Find out more about using Moodle, the system you will use to access online learning materials for your units.

Using Moodle

Resources for Thriving

Self-enrol into this Moodle page for resources to help you thrive, academically and personally, throughout your time in Art, Design and Architecture.

Student support

Feeling unsure about what supports are available? Monash has a wide range of support services to help you during your study - not just related to your academic work, but covering these areas and more:

  • health and counselling
  • disability support
  • financial assistance
  • safety and security
  • international student support
  • diversity and inclusion
  • accommodation

Student Support Services

University Orientation

Orientation is all about getting off to a great start - and not just within the faculty but also finding out what Monash has to offer. Understanding how the university works, as well as the systems and services that support you, means you’ll be on your way to academic success.

Click on the button below for details about University Orientation.

University Orientation

Important Dates

Never miss a key date again! There are important dates each year and each semester that you need to be aware of, relating to changing your enrolment, withdrawing from units, re-enrolling for the following year, and more. Click on the button below to stay updated on all key dates.

Important Dates