Changes to candidature and travel

Changes to candidature

All changes to your candidature need to be recorded and approved by the university. These changes include:

  • Leave: Leave of Absence/Intermission, sick & carer’s leave, parental leave
  • Change to Part Time/Full time
  • Change to off-campus/on-campus mode
  • Changing supervisors
  • Extension to scholarship
  • Extension to Exegesis Submission date

Most request forms are now submitted online, and all are available via the Monash Graduate Education online forms site.

Please ensure you submit your request form prior to the effective date of the change.

If you need sick or carer’s leave and are unable to request in advance, you should notify the MADA Graduate Research Office as soon as the need arises, and submit your form as soon as possible.

Please note that full-time candidates are allowed to undertake up to six hours employment per week (8 hours if only work on a single day), but must be available for study at the university for at least four days per week.

Travel: Study Away and Postgraduate Travel Grants

Candidates who are travelling interstate or overseas at any time in their candidature MUST apply for study away from the university.

Candidates on approved study away, with or without travel grant funding, are automatically covered for up to a year by the university’s travel insurance policy if you are travelling in order to interact with artists, curators or researchers, undertake data collection, attend conferences, learn new techniques, pursue research in specialist archives, collections, undertake field trips, surveys and interviews, or to utilise specialist equipment or resources not available at Monash University.

To assist with the travelling expenses of study away, confirmed doctoral and research masters students can apply for a travel grant. This travel grant can be used to reimburse airfares and other travel costs such as taxis, buses, trains and ferries. It cannot be used for conference registration, accommodation, food etc.

Please submit your Study Away/Travel Grant form (and Travel Plan for any international travel), signed by yourself and your main supervisor, to the MADA Graduate Research Office at least 6 weeks prior to your departure date.