MDes and MFA examinations


The Examination Exhibition must open by your end date: at 24 months candidature.

Your written exegesis must be submitted approximately 6 weeks prior to the opening of your examination exhibition.

Once the examiners have viewed your examination the examiner reports are expected in 4 weeks.

Exegesis Submission

Two soft thermal bound copies of the exegesis must be submitted to the Graduate Research office - with a signed statement of originality in each - together with Submission form signed by yourself and your supervisor, and Author Agreement form. Exegesis must be soft thermal bound (no spiral binding).

Nomination of Examiners

You and your supervisor should discuss potential examiners well in advance of submitting your exegesis. You must ensure that there is no Conflict of Interest between you and your nominated examiners.

MADA HDR candidates enrolled in the Master of Fine Art (MFA) or Master of Design (by Research) (MDes(Res)) should use the Visual Art Nomination of Examiner form.

Examination Exhibition

The dates for each examination exhibition as well as location are determined by MADA Graduate Education Office. Examination exhibition is normally 6 weeks after your submission date. Please note, the candidature end-date is the date by which examination exhibition opens. Should be no later than 24 months of candidature.

MADA Graduate Education staff will liaise with candidates and their supervisors regarding the installation and dismantle schedule and technical aspects of installation. Candidates are required to fill out an Exhibition Plan and a Risk Assessment, and have an Exhibition Planning Meeting with MADA Graduate Education staff 4 weeks prior to installation.

Due to the demands on Faculty exhibition spaces, there is a strict timeline that the candidate must comply with.

You may have an opening night event. However this must be organised by you, the candidate, and is subject to the following:

  • Alcohol Risk Assessment
  • If alcohol is served, the server must have a current Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate. A copy of the certificate must be provided to the MADA Graduate Research Office in advance of the event

Completion & Graduation

Once the examiners, faculty and university have determined you have met the requirements of the course, you will be required to upload a final PDF version of your exegesis to the university ARROW repository.

Once that step has been completed the university will automatically complete your degree, and email you a Conferral.

You will have the option to receive your testamur and transcript via mail, or at a Graduation ceremony. To register for graduate, please visit the Graduating at Monash page.