Alex Lyne: From Line to Form

Alex Lyne: From Line to Form

Alex Lyne, voyage, 2017, plaster, wood, plastic and automotive paint, 64 x 70 x 40 cm

An exhibition of work by MADA Resources and Technical Services Coordinator Alex Lyne. From seductively abstract bronze to intricately carved wood alongside contemporary support structures, the very tradition of sculpture finds a new voice in the Lyne’s experiments.

Lyne’s works manifest and organic/geometric binary relationship, which plays out between the bronze forms and the found object supports respectively. The viewing experience is one amplified by the contexts of creation and display, rejecting sculpture as static and instead highlighting the potential of indeterminacy and conflict within material relationships.

Lyne is highly dedicated to the method of lost-wax bronze casting, training at London’s Bronze Age Fine Art Foundry. He is one of the very few to have completed an exclusive master-apprentice education with the Meridian Sculpture Foundry in Melbourne (2001-2011).

In 2006, Lyne further consolidated his sculptural practice by completing postgraduate studies in Art in the Public Space at RMIT. He has received multiple public commissions and has created work for Post Office Place, Moreland City Council and the market entrance at C.E.R.E.S Environment Park, Melbourne. His work has been showcased in well-known prizes and exhibitions including the Lorne Sculpture Biennale, the Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition and Sculpture by the Sea, Sydney.