Lisa Radford, AFDM (Another F****** Dear Masato)

Lisa Radford, AFDM (Another F****** Dear Masato)

  • 6 September 2017
  • MADA Gallery is currently undergoing renovation. AFDM (Another F****** Dear Masato) will be presented at the Caulfield Campus, Building B, B6.27, 6 September 2017, 6–8pm.

  • Admission is free of charge.

This work comprises the practical component of Lisa Radford’s PhD research.

Some advice, or information (but not rules):

This is not a play. It is a piece of writing. However this piece of writing might resemble a play. The writing was not written, it was spoken. It is the record of an exchange between Sophie Perillo and Cara Best.

The writing is made from four Acts. These Acts could also be called vignettes or non-sequiturs. The performance of the Acts requires 2 Actors. There is a Chorus, which is additional.

Room B6.27 is the stage. Building B, Level 6 contains a loop. This loop is a structure with its own logic.

The play will be performed at Monash over 2 hours. There will be a beginning, middle and an end, but in no particular order.

*Special thanks to Sam, Makiko and Kalinda. This version written with Cara Best & Sophie Perillo, many thanks. x