MADA Talks: Sean Dockray

MADA Talks: Sean Dockray

  • 6 September 2017, 1–2pm
  • Monash University, Caulfield Campus
    Building G, Lecture Theatre G1.04

  • Free entry, all welcome

Join us for a presentation by Melbourne artist, writer, and programmer Sean Dockray.

From 2005-2013, Sean was a co-director with Fiona Whitton of the Los Angeles non-profit, Telic Arts Exchange. Sean initiated the knowledge-sharing platforms AAAAARG.ORG in 2004 and The Public School in 2007. Attempting to “pass power around like a ball,” constantly shifting people between roles of student, teacher, and administrator, The Public School has offered more than 500 reading groups, workshops, tours, and lectures on subjects ranging from knot theory to student occupations.

Sean often works collaboratively, frequently setting up structures, rules, and concepts that realize themselves over time. Public Monument (2011-2021) is a radio tower time capsule in London; PACK-MAN (2005-, with Fiona Whitton) is a video game system for 5 joysticks with contributed games; AI-COMMUNE (2014-) is a commune for a group artificial intelligences created from the data of the artist’s peers; and currently Benjamin Forster and Sean are making an decentralized app called Dat Library, currently on exhibit at the CCA-Glasgow, or available for download.

His publications include “Fake News, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Visualization” (2017) in ArtLink; “Sharing Instinct: An Annotation of the Social Contract Through Shadow Libraries” (2015) with Lawrence Liang as part of the e-flux Supercommunity; and an upcoming essay commission for Triple Canopy.

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