Manon van Kouswijk in “Medusa: Jewellery and Taboos”

Manon van Kouswijk in “Medusa: Jewellery and Taboos”

Manon van Kouswijk, Pearls for Girls, 2012, porcelain, pigment, glaze, thread, 14kt gold

Work from MADA Lecturer Manon van Kouswijk is currently on exhibition in Paris in Medusa: Bijoux et tabous / Jewellery and Taboos.

Like the face of Medusa in Greek mythology, jewellery attracts and disturbs the person who conceives it, looks at it, or carries it. Objects of ambiguous status, halfway between adornment and sculpture, jewellery remains one of the most ancient and universal forms of artistic expression.

Curated by Anne Dressen, Medusa brings together the work of more than 400 artists – both contemporary and historic – to examine jewellery that exists at the intersection of decoration and taboo.

Organised around four themes: identity, value, body, and ritual, Medusa mixes works known and unknown, unique, multiple, made by hand, mass-produced... some with refined aesthetics, some artisanal, some amateur, and others futuristic. Medusa questions the traditional frontiers of jewellery, deconstructing it, and revealing its underlying subversive and performative force.

Presented in collaboration with Michèle Heuzé and Benjamin Lignel.