Design Translations: Artefacts and processes from the design of health technologies.

Design Translations: Artefacts and processes from the design of health technologies.

  • 3–6 December 2018
  • Opening event 3 December 2018, 5.30–7pm

  • MADA Gallery
    Monash University
    Caulfield Campus
    Building D, Ground Floor
    900 Dandenong Road
    Caulfield East Victoria 3145

Design Translations represents a collection of artefacts, prototypes, toolkits, and technologies from research and design projects in the field of healthcare. This collection provides a window into the things that enable designers to communicate with interdisciplinary teams, bring together diverse stakeholders, and invite patients into the design process.

These design technologies — ranging from digitally fabricated prototypes to speculative provocations — play a critical role in enabling collaboration between design and medicine. Designed artefacts invite participation from patients, carers, healthcare professionals and users throughout the iterative research and design process. The artefacts act as boundary objects within research teams. They facilitate communication and collaboration between the different languages, jargon, and expertise of the complex teams found in interdisciplinary research.

The objects, sketches, diagrams and toolkits presented are meeting points between clinicians and patients; between designers and healthcare teams, between academia and industry. They communicate content from one language to another; from the technical to the emotional, from the lab to the bedside, from the intangible to the tangible.

Design Translations brings together examples of design practices that are creating future-focused technologies to improve people’s lives. This exhibition shares the design process from significant health innovations such as the Genaris Bionic Eye designed by Health Collab for the Monash Vision Group, Facett modular hearing aid designed by Leah Heiss for Blamey Saunders hears, Lab4Livings HOSPITabLe, and AUT’s ‘The Little Ones’ baby bath. These are presented alongside projects that are currently in progress, providing fragmentary, incomplete, windows into design and development in action.

The works traverse a continuum between the playfully speculative and the commercial, bringing our attention to the powerful, and different, roles that design artefacts can play in coalescing interdisciplinary teams, furthering collaboration, and provoking debate at all stages of the design process. The crafted artefacts, images, and films in Design Translations take us into the design decision-making processes that contribute to the creation of these life-altering healthcare technologies.

Curated by Rowan Page (Monash University) & Leah Heiss (RMIT University).

Featuring work from Health Collab (Monash University), Lab4Living (Sheffield Hallam University), good health design (Auckland University of Technology), SensiLab (Monash University), Jayne Wallace (Northumbria University) and Leah Heiss (RMIT University).

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