Jacqui Shelton, Something Like Dancing

Jacqui Shelton, Something Like Dancing

  • 31 October – 3 November 2018
  • Wednesday – Friday 10am–5pm & Saturday 12–5pm

  • MADA Gallery
    Monash University
    Caulfield Campus
    Building D, Ground Floor
    900 Dandenong Road
    Caulfield East Victoria 3145

Something Like Dancing is a one-on-one performance articulated through storytelling, recitation and embodied communication. It forms the practical component of Jacqui Shelton’s doctoral thesis, “Listening Across a Distance.”

As we walked we spoke of the embankment, and I watched the embankment of the river rushing up to meet us. As I assisted you through wording of the sentence about ‘this much-discussed hour’, I thought to myself that maybe this hour of the performance would come to be discussed, and we were writing its future.

We found a spot along the river to sit down. I was listening for the story. I listened to your thinking. I watched your knees lean against each other as your legs formed tents in your pants. You spoke in a different voice when you were reciting the story and when you were speaking directly to me. By now we had both relaxed into the relationship and lay together facing the river. It owed in the direction we had been walking. The session was finished and you had memorised about three quarters of the story in an hour. I thought you had done really well, but you were not happy with it.