MADA Artforum: Zarina Muhammad

MADA Artforum: Zarina Muhammad

  • 27 March 2018, 1–2pm
  • Monash Art Design & Architecture
    Building G, Room G1.04
    900 Dandenong Rd
    Caulfield East VIC 3145

  • Free, all welcome

Join us for a talk by Zarina Muhammad: “Lessons on Magic, Myth, the Seen and Unseen, Cultural Ventriloquism and Blind Spots”

Across Southeast Asia, varying hues of animistic, shamanistic and folk/magico-religious beliefs continue to contribute to the vastly heterogeneous forms of religious practices. One of the general features of animistic Southeast Asian or Austronesian cosmology is the proliferation of spirits – nature spirits, ancestors and ghosts of all kinds. This talk will examine the contested histories, texts and definitions pertaining to the myriad ways magic, myth, mysticism and the seen/unseen associated with this region has been imagined and represented.

Zarina Muhammad is an independent researcher, curator, arts practitioner, and educator based in Singapore. She lectures mostly on contextual studies and art/critical theory with a focus on the cultural histories of Southeast Asia at LASALLE College of the Arts. Currently, Zarina is working on a multidisciplinary research and performance project on cultural translations pertaining to Southeast Asian ritual magic, sacred sites and the tracing of mythological roots of the feared, desired and revered (supernatural) body across the region.