Remaking Cities: Urban History Planning History

Remaking Cities: Urban History Planning History

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MADA Lecturer Maud Cassaignau, Lecturer Dr Alysia Bennett, Senior Lecturer Markus Jung, Lecturer Laura Harper, and Adjunct Professor of Architecture Practice Robert McGauran will all present works at the 14th Urban History Planning History biennial conference.

The 2018 conference theme – Remaking Cities – is inspired by Melbourne as an exemplar of cities that are continually remade: as a centre of manufacturing, as a city built on land and infrastructure speculation, and as a place that has been remade over the long-established land-based practices of the Kulin nation.

Manufacturing was central to the social, spatial and economic development of Australasia’s nineteenth-century cities. The decline of manufacturing has had a significant effect on urban environments and urban lives, as has the rise of the financial, service and cultural sectors. In the post-manufacturing era, cities have had to again reinvent themselves in response to the challenges of new internal circumstances and of external forces of change.

Underpinning the making and re-making of Melbourne and other Australasian cities are the processes of settler colonialism and speculation on stolen Indigenous lands. The long shadow cast by colonisation challenges us to imagine how cities can be remade in a just and shared future, and the role of planning within this.