Sanja Pahoki: Being Kazimir Malevich

Sanja Pahoki: Being Kazimir Malevich

  • 21 March – 8 April 2018
  • MADA Gallery
    Monash University
    Caulfield Campus
    Building D, Ground Floor
    900 Dandenong Road
    Caulfield East Victoria 3145

  • Free, all welcome

An exhibition of work comprising the practical component of Sanja Pahoki’s PhD research.

A profound moment that I had experienced in front of a series of paintings by the Russian painter, Kazimir Malevich, at the State Russian Museum in St Petersburg, was used to focus and animate the practical and theoretical research that forms Being Kazimir Malevich. This encounter with Kazimir was understood as a camera-less moment of exposure, revealing my desire and my death.

The practical research with its investigations of the ground, an expanse of horizontality, and the fight against gravity had in many ways primed me for the final exposure to the Black Square at Nemchinovka in Russia; the final return of Malevich’s image in a more durable form, resistant to light and exposure.

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