Tamsin Green: After, ends

Tamsin Green: After, ends

  • 5–14 June 2019
  • Exhibition open Monday–Friday, 10am – 5pm.

  • Monash Art, Design and Architecture
    Building D, MADA Gallery
    900 Dandenong Rd
    Caulfield East VIC 3145

  • Free, all welcome
Image: Tamsin Green, After, ends, 2019, Digital film, 11'08". Courtesy of the artist.

An exhibition of work by MADA PhD candidate Tamsin Green.

After, ends is a film about menopause and orcas. Making a work about menopause could be a terrible idea. The film involves a series of interviews and discussions on sexuality, fertility, and menopause, with the aim of re-making these terms. Orcas feature in the work because they, like humans, go through menopause. The negotiation that is taking place in the work is how to represent these animals without fetishising their behaviour via an anthropomorphic model. I am not asking if orcas can serve as a good model for human menopause, but rather what incomprehensible desires infertile orcas can express. The success or failure of this work in re-making its terms will be decided by the audience.

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