Migration Matters

Migration Matters

  • 16 October 2020, 12.30–1.30pm
  • This is a free event, but bookings are essential to access the Zoom meeting.

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Click the image above to watch the chat between Naomi Stead and Justine Clark

Please join Parlour and Monash Architecture for our session on the issues facing international students and architects during the pandemic, with Shelley Duffy and Thihoa Gill.

What challenges do our international colleagues in Australia face during COVID-19? What broad strategies are relevant to navigating these? How can their colleagues assist? Shelley Duffy and Thihoa Gill discuss the situation in conversation with Naomi Stead and Justine Clark.

Shelley is a migration lawyer with extensive experience of working with built environment practitioners and Thihoa is Studio Manager of Grimshaw Melbourne – in which capacity she has employed people from all over the world. (Please note, Shelley can’t provide legal advice on specific cases in this forum, but she will talk about general approaches to ensuring that processes are as accessible and supportive as possible.)

This is a special session for our international colleagues, but we encourage Australians to attend this session too, to better understand the challenges facing colleagues, employees, students and friends, and to help build empathy and support.

See you online for an informal yet informative Q&A session.

Light at the End of the Tunnel is a Q & A event series, happening every Friday lunchtime AEST, for as long as we all need it. Hosted by Parlour and Monash Architecture this online talk series is to help our communities navigate the world of work, the futures of the profession and paths forward in the midst of the pandemic.

Each week one or two speakers will be online to answer our questions and yours on a wide range of topics – from the nitty gritty of how to negotiate, polishing up your CV and portfolio, and what to do with an unexpected career break, to broader speculations about the kind of profession we want and need, and how we might best position the discipline for the future.

These will be informal, interactive sessions aimed at equipping the Parlour communities for the path ahead, and encouraging the to actively participate in making the future of our profession.

In the meantime, watch Naomi and Justine chat about the idea, and do get in touch if there are topics you would like covered.

Previous Light at the end of the tunnel recordings can be found on the Parlour website.

Mutual support, solidarity and camaraderie!

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