Callum Morton: View from a Bridge

Callum Morton: View from a Bridge

Left: The End #1, Middle: The End #2, Right: The End, #3. Each: polyurethane, timber, steel, glass, synthetic polymer paint, lights, sound, 240 x 360 x 50 cm.

These colours move in time with the endlessly looping soundtracks. In one a machine keeps trying to shut down over and over again. In another, Siri, the voice of the future, describes things without one. In the final one, the Doomsday clock keeps looping back to its never-ending beginning.

Callum Morton

View from a Bridge feature three wall sculptures that replicate the window frames on the facade of the Sirius Building, located in The Rocks, Sydney. In adding a theatrical element to the work, Monash University Professor Callum Morton has inserted a pulsating light into each sculpture that changes colour to correspond to the audio track of the computerised voice of Siri.

Callum Morton has exhibited nationally and internationally since 1990, and represented Australia at the 52nd Venice Biennale in 2007. Morton’s practice explores the personal and social impact of architecture and our built environment, drawing on notions of history, absence, drama and humour. From early drawings of fires and explosions on housing commission flats, to bullet-holed screens, awnings and monuments that memorialise capitalism and outdated forms of modernity, Morton’s works present a melancholic urban archaeology that prompts us to consider the relationship between art and life, history and the present, and look again at the ubiquitous structures we see but rarely notice.

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