Putting Ideas to Work - Monash Architecture Research Seminar 2

Putting Ideas to Work - Monash Architecture Research Seminar 2

  • 15 September 2020, 1–2pm

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Image: Monash Urban Lab

Better Life @ Home: flexible, customisable, affordable and personalised choices for living

Maryam Gusheh in conversation with Lisa Le Van, followed by a panel discussion with Nigel Bertram, Ross Brewin and Maryam Gusheh, moderated by Alysia Bennett

Lisa Le Van is a Policy Officer at the Australian Human Rights Commission. Lisa was an architect who worked for Sydney architectural practice Durbach Block Jaggers Architects before losing much of her vision. No longer able to practice architecture, she re-trained as a lawyer and now works on issues around disability rights. Lisa speaks from a personal perspective about her experiences of architecture, space and disability.

The Panel

Alysia Bennett a Lecturer at Monash Architecture and is associated with the practice Cumulus Studio. Her research explores how to densify cities through secondary dwellings like granny flats, as a way of productively using existing suburban space. She is currently part of a research project on architects’ adaptations and additions that respond to changing physical and health needs.

Nigel Bertram is Monash Practice Professor of Architecture and a Director of NMBW Architecture Studio. He has led a number of research projects that develop new spatial and experimental housing typologies for diverse populations, including the book Suburbia Reimagined: Ageing and Increasing Populations in the Low-Rise City, as well as a new building for older social housing residents in the western suburbs of Melbourne.

Ross Brewin is a Senior Lecturer at Monash Architecture and a Director of Gilby + Brewin Architecture / Urban Design. His work is concentrated on the role and value of contemporary architecture in the ongoing transformation of regional towns and places. He is part of a research project on how architects have adapted their homes in response to physical and mental health circumstances.

Maryam Gusheh is an Associate Professor at Monash Architecture and a practice critic at Neeson Murcutt Architects. She has a particular interest in bridging academia and industry, and has recently initiated a new research project, Accessible and Adaptable Housing, with the Australian Human Rights Commission. She is currently researching architects’ responses to changing life circumstances as part of a research team.

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